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I started creating websites many years ago for my department at the University at Albany, at a time when departmental websites were pretty much a do-it-yourself affair--and well before "branding" became the new normal for institutions. In fact, the Reading Department's website only yielded to the University's design and format when I retired in 2011.  Before I took over the website, it had been created in Adobe's GoLive, and I transferred it to Macromedia's/Adobe's Dreamweaver, and later, Adobe's Contribute. Although I took courses in HTML, I always preferred programs that sat on top of it, using more natural language and editing tools to create website pages and manage them.

I can't remember when someone told me about Squarespace, but the moment I tried it out, I knew this was to be my website design engine of choice. Unlike other programs I had used that built websites on your desktop, which then had to be uploaded to the web, Squarespace's web tools exist only on their website, and their design tools were easy to use and extremely flexible (and keep getting better). Not only that, you create a website once, and Squarespace does the work of flowing it to any browser, and more importantly, to mobile devices.

First, I created my own site (the one you are currently viewing). Then, I created a small site for my personal trainer. Next, I undertook a much larger site for a non-governmental organization in the UK., and recently a site for a framing shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.

So, here's the question: can I build you a personal site? An institutional or business site? Perhaps you have a club and have been put off creating a website for it because of the high cost and interminable delays in getting it built. I can design a fully-functioning website for you, and then let you take care of it,  using Squarespace's editing tools. Or I can be your webmaster, attending to the site and updating it for you. All at a very reasonable cost.

So, if you have an idea, and would like to explore it with me, either fill out the form below, or email me at

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