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Doris Sheila Walmsley was Ulric's daughter. In addition to the two paintings of Sheila Walmsley (see above), I have two paintings by Sheila Walmsley. The first one, a watercolour, was given to me by my sister in 2009:


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Recently, I received an email from Trish Holder Fisher, who took music lessons with Sheila as a youngster (Trish commented that Sheila "was an amazing pianist. She taught us to read music, but she was very adept at playing by ear herself, and when mummy came to collect us, the two of them would often have a little singalong around the piano. We used to walk past her door to go to Sunday school at the Church and she would wave at us from the window when we called her name. I think even then she had difficulty with her eyesight.")

Trish's mother acquired an oil painting done by Sheila in 1965/6, and it traveled with the family to Swaziland, Kuwait, Dubai and Bangladesh before returning to England, unscathed. Trish wanted the painting to "come home" to the Walmsleys, and graciously donated it to me and my sister. It will remain with the direct descendants of Ulric as a cherished memory of both Sheila and Trish's mother, Iris Holder.

The painting itself measures 13" by 11". On the back, clearly in Sheila's own handwriting, is a description of the painting and the price she was asking for it (or sold it for--probably GBP100 in today's currency).


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Now reframed:

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