Here are the photos I chose for a solo exhibition at the Saratoga Arts Center, under the Art in Public Spaces program (August 28 - October 1, 2018).

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Weathering the Storm. Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS, 2012. Florence, MA. Canvas Photo,  20" x 16”. The day after my granddaughter was born, we visited her and her mother in hospital. A terrific storm blew across behind the hospital, and I caught it with the American flag almost about to be shredded by the force of the wind. At the time, I was thinking of this photo just in terms of clouds and the weather. 

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Garden Sculpture.  Canon 80D, 2017.  Saratoga Springs, NY.  Canvas Photo, 20" x 16”. This sculpture is in the Rock Garden at Yaddo. The sculptor is not known. I like the texture of the weathered stone, but I also like how it's displayed in an artificial pond surrounded by shade plants.

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Finesse.  iPhone 7+, 2017. Saratoga Springs, NY. Canvas Photo, 20" x 16”.  I took this under a bridge that crosses the Spring Run walking trail (an old railway line) that runs from the EBI Beverage Store to the Northway just south of Exit 15. I have no idea if  ‘Finesse’ has anything to do with the graffiti under the bridge, but I like the composition—note that’s not a water reflection at the bottom!

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Foggy Richard Avenue. Canon EOS 80D, 2017. Saratoga Springs, NY.  Canvas Photo, 24" x 18”. Foggy mornings are not as common here as in my native England, so this makes me quite nostalgic. It’s taken from my porch early in December.

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Autumn Leaves. iPhone 7+, 2017. Saratoga Springs, NY. 5x7 non-archival prints mounted behind glass. I gathered leaves that I thought might make an interesting vertical display, with one of the 5x7s pressed actual leaves.

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Saratoga Auto Museum Reflections, iPhone 7+, 2017. Saratoga Springs, NY. Framed archival photo, 25” x 12”. This photo was taken of reflections of the Auto Museum’s windows on the hood of a red Ferrari. Of course, the Ferrari’s hood isn’t flat, so the reflections take on the curves and distortions created by the car.

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SPAC Audience, iPhone 7+, 2017. Saratoga Springs, NY.  Framed archival photo, 12” x 4”. This is a very small segment of a photo I took from the SPAC balcony at the end of a Philadelphia Orchestra Concert (no photos allowed during the performance). I just liked the idea of shooting from behind, a perspective one generally doesn’t see in photos.

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Mass MoCA Chessboard, 2018. North Adams, MA. Digital Collage, 24” x 24”. This ‘chessboard’ is made up of 64 individual photos of parts of columns at Mass MoCA. If you’ve been there, you’ll notice that the bottom sections of the columns are shades of black, while the upper parts are whitish.

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Antique Door Lock, Canon Powershot 1200, 2010. Alet-les-Bains, France. Canvas Photo,  20” x 20”. Clearly the owner of this medieval house wanted to deter thieves, but perhaps not horses!

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Untitled, iPhone X, 2018. Saratoga Springs, NY.  Canvas Photo,  36” x 24”. During construction of a sunroom, the deck was covered in black plastic, but the roof wasn’t completed, so the plastic was open to the elements. After a downpour, bits of sawdust were embedded in the raindrops.

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Peeling Paint, iPhone7+, 2017. Block Island, RI.  Canvas Photo,  24” x 16”. This photo was taken just after arriving in Block island, it was a concrete barrier by the pier.  What I liked after having it printed was the three-dimensional look of the hole and the paint peeling off.

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London Eye, Canon Powershot 1200, 2017.  London, UK.  Framed Archival Print, 40” x 16”. This photo is made up of three individual shots taken from a gondola in succession, leaving one of the shots in color, the others in black-and-white. The movement of the gondola and the interval between the shots produced images of the same pedestrians set apart from one another. Also, I adjusted the opacity to produce a ghost effect in the b/w images..

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Mass MoCA Flood, 2017-8.  North Adams, MA. Digital Collage, 40” x 20”.  Having created a collage of the columns at Mass MoCA, I thought it might be fun to create one out of photos of the walls throughout the complex. This time, I created a waterscape with sections of walls and brick columns, using the iOS app “Flood” to provide reflections in water.

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Odiello Solar Furnace, Canon Powershot 1200, 2007. Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, France. Canvas Photo,  40” x 30”.  This is the largest solar furnace in the world, and until I could find a suitable way to print it, it languished in my computer unprinted. The photo is of the huge reflector, beaming the sun’s rays into a small furnace at unbelievable temperatures (above 6000F).