I have been a photographer since I was a child. I started with a Box Brownie camera, learned how to develop film and print black-and-white pictures while in high school, got into semi-professional photography in college, and have been a keen amateur photographer ever since. I’ve worn out SLR Pentaxes and Leicas (and even a Hasselblad), went digital in 1995 with Apple’s first camera (the Quicktake 150), and have steadily upgraded since then, exclusively with Canon cameras (Powershot series), until finally returning to SLRs with a Canon Digital Rebel XT. However, the XT is now long in the tooth, and so I've upgraded to a Canon EOS 80D, along with the Canon 70-300mm lens (the L version).

Wind Turbine, Block Island  (August 16, 2017 taken with Canon 80D, 300mm).   ©2017 Sean Walmsley

Wind Turbine, Block Island  (August 16, 2017 taken with Canon 80D, 300mm).   ©2017 Sean Walmsley

Canon 80D Enlargement detail.

Canon 80D Enlargement detail.

     I also have a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS, an outstanding 10-megapixel camera that I used to take on most trips, especially abroad.  This used to supplement my iPhone. But having  acquired an iPhone 7Plus, I'm afraid that both of my old Canon cameras will stay at home. The new Canon 80D with the 70-300mm lens, while substantially heavier than my previous ones, will almost certainly accompany me on trips where the iPhone 7+ can't manage really sharp telephoto shots. (See comparisons, left)

     Up until iOS10 and MacOS Sierra, I was using Aperture  for managing and editing photographs, but Aperture is no longer supported on the Mac (and never was on iOS). And Photos for both MacOS and iOS has dramatically improved with its latest versions. So  I've switched to Photos for post-editing, with Pixelmator or Photoshop for  finer tuning of digital photos.


The best my iPhone 7+ could do...

The best my iPhone 7+ could do...

iPhone 7+ enlargement detail.

iPhone 7+ enlargement detail.

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