Here are the photos currently accepted at Paul Nigra Creative Center NYS Membership Show, Mayfield NY (on display, June 13 - July 17, 2019)

Ford Model T Headlight. There were a few Ford Model Ts at the Saratoga Auto Museum in September 2018, and I thought it might be interesting to separate one of the headlights from the car (photographically, that is). Only after printing it did I realize there was a piggy’s face in the headlight, I’m sure Ford did not intend that. I just liked the reflections in it.

Ford Model T Headlight,  . ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Ford Model T Headlight, . ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Spider Repairing its Web. Last August, I noticed that a spider had a web precariously balanced between the railing on my front porch, and a hanging flower pot above it. But for many days it either rained or the wind blew, destroying most of the web. So every morning, this itsy-bitsy spider repaired it. That’s why the web was a such a tangle of threads. (Eventually, after about two weeks of doing this, the spider decided this really wasn’t the best place to maintain a web, and moved on).

Spider’s Web. ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Spider’s Web. ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Barge on the River Thames in London, UK. This was taken looking across the Thames from the Tate Modern. A very lucky shot, with a barge centered in my viewfinder. What I really liked about it (afterwards, since I didn't know it at the time) were the colors in the barge replicated in the houses directly opposite—in fact, all the barge colors can be found in the background. Also, the ‘beach’ at low tide matched the color of the building on the extreme right. St Paul’s Cathedral is out of the photo to the left.

Barge on the River Thames in London, UK . ©2011 Sean Walmsley

Barge on the River Thames in London, UK. ©2011 Sean Walmsley

Rainy Day at the Track. This was taken while visiting the Saratoga Thoroughbred Track in August 2018 on the day after a very rainy day. I spotted a Racing Daily on a faded red flat roof below the grandstand, where someone either dropped (or hurled, perhaps) the paper from one of the floors above, whereupon it got soggy overnight. It said something to me about how betting at the track is a thrilling but risky business…

Rainy Day at the Saratoga Thoroughbred Trac k. ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Rainy Day at the Saratoga Thoroughbred Track. ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Anenome Sylvestris. I took this while visiting a friend in Farmington, CT. Although one can appreciate the photo (or not) on its own, it’s an example of the phoneX’s ‘portrait’ feature, which was designed purely for taking human portraits so that the background could be blurred as much as one wanted (even after the photo was taken). I like using this feature on plants, although it has some quirks, one of which is making very thin elements (like plant stalks) disappear. So that’s why the flower seems to be hovering over the foliage (no nothing is photoshopped here!). One of the options for the portrait feature is the ‘studio portrait’ which turns the photo into black and white with a black background. The amount of ‘bokeh’ (background blurring) is entirely up to the photographer, so since the flower was closer, I could keep it in focus while making the leaves more blurry.

Anenome Sylvestris . ©2018 Sean Walmsley

Anenome Sylvestris. ©2018 Sean Walmsley