Margaret Walmsley's Art

Margaret Walmsley was my mother, and Leo Walmsley's second wife. Born in 1907, she was the daughter of Statira Bell and Edward Little.

When my mother and Leo split up shortly after I was born, I lived with my mother in various places, as she ran schools in the south of England. She left England to work in Manor House School in Kitale, Kenya in the early 1950s, but eventually came to the States and lived with my family from 1976 until she died in 1989.

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I inherited many of my mother's writings (letters, diaries, illustrated lesson plans, even a novel), sketches, watercolours, carvings, and clothing she'd knitted. Margaret was an accomplished teacher, a devoted mother and grandmother, an avid diarist, and a surprisingly good artist and carver. She had a passion for knowledge about the world, and for sharing it with the children she taught, and looked after as a nanny or grandmother.

This area is to celebrate her art, and to share something about her life. It's a work in progress.

Sweetman Cemetery, Charlton, NY (2/19/15)

Sweetman Cemetery, Charlton, NY (2/19/15)

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