Leo Walmsley's Glass Slides from Three Asses in the Pyrenees

My brother Simon, who passed away in June 2013, had been given two boxes of glass slides, containing photographs of sea specimens and flora; photos taken by Leo and Suzanne in France (to illustrate the story Leo wrote about the trip with donkey and cart to the Pyrenees); and photos taken in East Africa by Leo in WWI and between the two World Wars (to see these, click here)

This webpage displays photos taken to illustrate the story Leo wrote about the trip he took with his first wife Suzanne. It appeared in the Wide World Magazine as a serial, starting in December 1922, ending July 1923. The Walmsley Society reprinted it, it's called Three Asses in the Pyrenees. Unfortunately, the reprint is no longer available. Only one of the photos below appeared in the reprint (it's the one of Leo in a faded red jacket with his arms around the donkey). 

If you don't already have a copy of this reprint, and run across it on the internet or in a second-hand bookstore, grab it! It's hilarious!