Adventure is just bad planning.

Roald Amundsen (1872 - 1928)


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Current Exhibitions

Saratoga Health and Wellness Ongoing Exhibition (Ongoing)

LARAC Member Show, Glens Falls NY (May 24 - June 26)

Paul Nigra Creative Arts Center Membership Show (June 13-July 17, 2019)

Expired Croton leaf, masquerading as a tropical fish. ©Sean Walmsley 2019

Expired Croton leaf, masquerading as a tropical fish. ©Sean Walmsley 2019


There are six main areas here. The first ones focus on interests of mine: photography, website design, and academic publications.

Others focus on my relatives, past and present. My father (Leo Walmsley) was a writer, and my grandfather (Ulric Walmsley) was a painter. My mother (Margaret Walmsley) was foremost a teacher, but also a painter and a wood carver. My sister Anna Scott is a ceramicist, and she lives in France.

There's a society devoted to my father and grandfather, called appropriately enough, the Walmsley Society. I'm currently President of it.

So I've devoted four sections to my own work, and then sections that display examples of the artistic fruits of my father and grandfather, my sister Anna, and my mother Margaret (we called her "M", but she also went under the name "Jerry" and my father called her "Dain" in his autobiographical novels).


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